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Jogging With a Sports Stroller - Tips for Getting Back Your Pre-Pregnancy Body

One of the biggest concerns that you may face as a new mother, other than making sure your children are healthy is getting back your body into shape after pregnancy.
Looking after children requires much of your time and attention which leaves little room yourself and any exercise program.
Well one way to get back into a workout regime is to take up jogging with your baby in the stroller.
Health advantages of jogging with a sports stroller Stroller jogging has many advantages for getting your body back into shape.
It offers cardio-vascular workouts similar to what gym machines do.
  The exercise helps you to lose weight and also works to tone the muscles.
Running with a baby stroller works out both your upper and lower body areas.
In addition to weight loss, the increased activities lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart conditions and diabetes.
Regular exercise also gives you more energy, helps you to sleep better and lowers mental and emotional stress.
Baby stroller jogging eliminates the need to pay gym membership.
Plus jogging is an ideal way for mothers and children to enjoy outdoors while bonding and enjoying each others' company.
Tips for baby stroller jogging
  • Like any exercise regimen one needs to be disciplined and stick with the program if you expect to see positive results.
  • Since your goal is to lose some weight, incorporate jogging or high-speed walking.
    It's alright to take breaks, but ultimately this is no leisurely stroll in the park.
  • In the beginning, adopt a moderate pace and distance to acclimatize your and the child to the exercise.
    Then gradually increase the length and/or intensity of the session.
  • Invest in a proper baby jogger stroller which is specially made for easier jogging and better comfort for your child when moving at higher speeds.
    Also, baby sport strollers are built for frequent and intense use compared to regular ones.
  • Map out your route before you embark on the baby jogging program.
    Maybe go out beforehand, test the various paths and decide on suitable routes.
  • Wear clothing that is light, comfortable and suitable for the weather.
    Walking or jogging shoes should have good foot support.
  • On top of baby supplies, carry essential items for yourself such as a hat, sunscreen, and drinking water.
    Running strollers are usually built to store extra items.
  • While it's not necessary to jog every day, three or four times a week is a good goal.
Stroller jogging groups In some neighborhoods you can find stroller jogging groups where mothers and their children meet up regularly for walks and jogs.
Not only is it a great way to get regular exercise, but it's also an opportunity to meet new moms within your residential area.
If there isn't such a group where you live perhaps you could be the person to set one up.
It doesn't require much work, just a few women with young children who would enjoy the company and exercise.
Inquire at local playgrounds or community centers and you will likely find other moms who would be interested in joining you.

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