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How to Adjust a Cello's End Pin

    • 1). Hold your instrument across your knees so that the endpin is within easy reach.

    • 2). Loosen the thumbscrew at the base of the cello that holds the endpin in place.

    • 3). Extend the endpin out from the base of the cello. The span of the musician's hand is typically a good measure to determine the endpin length. Spread your hand as wide as possible. The endpin should extend from the tip of your thumb to the tip of your pinkie finger, plus one pinkie finger length. The length of the endpin will depend on the musician's height, so it may take a few tries to find the length that is right for you.

    • 4). Tighten the thumbscrew to hold the endpin in place. You may want to apply a slight pressure to the endpin to make sure it is secure and will not slide when placed on the floor.

    • 5). Place the cello between your knees, gently resting it against your chest, with the endpin making contact with the floor. The lowest tuning peg should be aligned with your ear. You may also test the height of your instrument by holding it in front of you while standing. In this position, the cello should be about chin height. If this is not true, adjust the endpin once more.

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