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Autism in Toddlers - Behavioral Signs and Symptoms That You Need to Watch Out For

This article is about some of the behaviors usually exhibited by the children with autism, especially with toddlers.
It will help you to know what to expect from them and how to handle them.
You may find your autistic toddler lining things up quite a bit, like the toys you have given them to play with.
You may even observe the same pattern or order over and over again, whereas they don't really seem to be playing with the toys in the same sense, as other kids will.
A pattern like this is cause for a bit of your attention.
Savant skills are rather common in autistic children.
They could appear to be very good at one thing without showing much appreciation for it themselves.
For instance, they could watch a movie and recite every conversation in it to you word for word without making a big deal of it.
The most frustrating part of it is that the autistic child may not be able to do the same with any other movie.
Autistic toddlers tend to react violently to loud sounds around them such as a toilet flushing, a car driving by, or other such phenomena.
In fact, you may have to put ear pads or headphones on them, otherwise they could do off screaming as though they were in pain.
These are just a few autism signs that you should lookout for in your toddler.
If you find that your little child is exhibiting any of these symptoms, you totally have to seek medical attention.

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