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In the front end of every application, there are a number of menus that are often displayed as stand-alone boxes.
Joomla has several menus consisting of the main, top, user, key concepts, example pages and other menu.
Each of these is associated with a module.
There are several Joomla menu extensions available in the web today.
In this article, I will discuss the features of D4J TransMenu, Infinity Menu, SWmenu Free and Extended Menu.
The Joomla menu extension called D4J TransMenu is a module that creates smooth sliding submenus to the navigation system.
The extensions enables the user to customize the CSS style for the menu and the module, configure the submenu sliding, customize the submenu appearance, background, and transparency settings; and, customize the item image settings.
Moreover, the distinct feature of this module is that it does not require the user to redefine the appearance style since the module will automatically recover and apply the current template settings.
The Infinity menu is the DHTML menu module with infinite nesting.
The module can support not only one but multiple menus on one website.
The key features of Infinity are as follows: limitless nesting, various classes of CSS root as well as CSS files can be utilized, provides option to automatically resize icons in which icons can be displayed to the left of the items; and it can display tree menu or drop down.
Further, the infinity menu has been successfully tested in Netscape, Firefox, IE5/6 and Opera.
Another extension is the Extended Menu.
This module stretches the functionality features of the main menu module of Joomla.
The codes on this module are redesigned in a way that makes it easier to be modified.
The key features of the module includes support to the patTemplate, CSS menu containing submenus, sub-navigation on the side, and plug-in support that involves loading menu items from a database table.

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