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Riding the Rails from the Capitol to the Bay - Cont'd

By Jeffrey Proske

From Martinez and through the rest of the ride into Berkeley, through Richmond, the train clings to the rails on hairpin turns at the water's edge. Views of the Bay and the surrounding bridges and mountains, Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County and the Coastal mountains of Napa to the north are unparalleled. Soon the spires of San Francisco are in full view – just a thirty-minute BART ride from the Richmond Amtrak station.

White-capped waves and sail boats, cruise ships with foamy wakes drift past our windows as we pull into Richmond and then Berkeley – on time, I might add. Upon disembarking at Berkeley I am an easy two-block walk to my meeting place, Peet's on 4th Street.

My afternoon in Berkeley passed without a moment's thought of the journey back to Sacramento. Between my arrival at 1:45 in Berkeley and my departure at 5:40, I'd managed to have an unhurried lunch with a friend at a bistro, a meandering tour of some of the exotic and high-end shops on 4th street, a walk to Aquatic Park, a tour of a Sake museum and distillery with sake tastings, and a warming Peet's coffee to round off the afternoon.

With a little help from the Capitol Corridor, I had walked from Midtown Sacramento to 4th Street in Berkeley in an hour and a half -- time when I would have otherwise been gripping a steering wheel and glaring at rows of bumpers for 75 miles. And in that hour and a half, I traveled back in time, ventured through the landscape of a more pastoral age, saw sights that are invisible from a speeding car .

. . and wrote this piece.

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Capitol Corridor - The Essentials

Fares, schedules and other information about the Capitol Corridor train, as well as an online reservation link can be found at the Capitol Corridor Home Page:

Various discounts including AAA are available as well as discounts for roundtrip and monthly passes. Tickets may also be purchased by credit/debit card at each station through convenient ticket kiosks. Most stations have ample pay parking close by.

Capitol Corridor Bay Area Stops

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