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Dubai - From Desert To A Magnificent Metropolis

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Dubai Shopping Capital of the center East
For the discerning shopper buying Dubai deal, Dubai is heaven on the planet. Known while the "shopping capital of the center East", it hosts the world's largest retail center, the "Dubai Mall". This is actually the crowning glory in several around 70 fully air-conditioned malls in Dubai, which attract visitors from throughout. Dubai is also called the "City of Gold"; the Gold Souq, positioned in Deira, has as much as 250 dedicated gold retail shops.

Dubai's World-class Sports & Amusements
Younger generations aren't short of amusement on the Dubai holidays either; there are numerous of theme parks located all over Dubai; notable these include the famous Wild Wadi Water Park, found on Jumeriah Beach Road, and the world's largest indoor skiing arena, SkiDubai, which proves that with just a little innovation, its likely to bring a geniune arctic cold weather ski experience to hot, sunny Dubai.

Horse racing is really a passionate quest for Dubai's that combines the worldwide and the neighborhood, the modern and the standard. Together with the heritage sports of Camel racing and falconry, a visit to the races offers real insight to the emirate.

Meydan Racecourse the world's biggest-ever grandstand and only five-star trackside hotel, Meydan is famously home every March to the world's richest-ever horse race, the Dubai World Cup. Racing is held a Meydan from November to March and forms a vital part of Dubai's calendar of world-famous sports that includes top-class golf, tennis, cricket, rugby, and motorsports and watersports action.

Dubai's International Cuisine
International and Arabic food can be obtained everywhere when you are on a Dubai holiday from small diners to hotels. All of the major junk food franchises can be found in Dubai and from American to Chinese to Indian; Dubai suits everyone's needs. Blue Elephant is undoubtedly one of Dubai's finest Thai restaurants. The decor enables you to feel like you aren't in Dubai however in a quaint South Eastern village.

An opportunity to sample the neighborhood cuisine, Al Qasr using its authentic Arabian style architecture and dcor and the opportunity to dine al fresco, near the restaurant or in an attractive garden this Lebanese restaurant may be the traditional experience.

Shakespeare & Co may be the long anticipated upscale cafe recently opened on the Sheikh Zayed Road, with a cosy continental atmosphere and contemporary furniture enables you to feel like you're in a cafe in London.

Dubai's Fully Automated Metro
With large investment pumped in to transport, Dubai is becoming an accessible city, with multi-lane motorways, a bus service with 140 routes and a comprehensive taxi system (which in Dubai may be the most frequent used way of transport). The Dubai Metro is really a advanced, fully automated metro network running through the city. It runs both over ground and underground, and it has carried 10 million passengers since opening in September 2009.

For international visitors, Dubai is really a well-connected travel hub, with many travel options and direct routes available from the majority of the world's major cities. Its outstanding airport includes a constant flow of inbound/outbound flights to be practical. Dubai Airport terminal is the hub for the Emirates Airline which will be the national airline of Dubai, one of the busiest airports on the planet and serving 101 destinations in 61 countries across six continents making Dubai very accessible from all over the world. Dubai's population is continuing to grow dramatically from its origins as a little settlement at the mouth of the creek, from the very first boom in 1968 it has doubled with every decade with a 2, 000, 000 today.

With visitors flocking to Dubai throughout the year all inclusive inexpensive holidays to Dubai as well as Dubai package holidays can be found which may be tailored to be practical, even in the event that you haven't booked ahead of time and continue to be looking for that Dubai late deal. Dubai is really a city that has had giant strides previously few years. On a vacation in Dubai you'll discover a unique mixture of old and new extremes; today's, ever-expanding metropolis which hosts an native culture steeped ever and long-observed traditions. It's a truly mesmerising mixture of history and modernity, sure to captivate any traveller.

Dubai's First class Business Environment

Dubai has emerged as a number one regional commercial hub with state-of-the art infrastructure and a global class business environment. It has become the logical spot to do business in the centre East, providing investors with a distinctive and comprehensive value added platform.

Since the forming of the UAE in 1971, Dubai has transformed itself from an gas and oil dependent state to a broadly diversified economy predicated on international trade, banking, tourism, property and manufacturing.

Worldwide Economic Hub
Dubai reaches the centre of an area that is emerging as a significant force in the worldwide economy. Stretching from North Africa to South Asia and the Caspian to South Africa, this region includes 42 countries, a number of which would be the world's fastest growing emerging markets.

Broad Based Economy
Dubai has emerged as a number one regional commercial hub with state-of-the art infrastructure and a global class business environment. It has become the logical spot to do business in the centre East, providing investors with a distinctive and comprehensive value added platform.

Since the forming of the UAE in 1971, Dubai has transformed itself from an gas and oil dependent state to a broadly diversified economy predicated on international trade, banking, tourism, property and manufacturing.

Political & Economic Stability
Dubai is the main UAE, that has established a reputation to be a low-crime and politically stable country. The power of the UAE to withstand the impact of the global economic crisis demonstrates the UAE's financial and monetary stability.

Several steps taken by the federal government to promote recovery from the crisis have led to deposit growth and capital inflows, increased activity in the markets and an increase in indexes. Dubai's well-developed bank operating system ensures extensive credit facilities and ample liquidity. Their state has shown consistent commitment to business friendly and liberal economic policies.

Open & Free Financial system
Dubai's open economic policy, minimal government get a grip on and private sector regulation have played an instrumental role in attracting vast foreign direct investment (FDI).

Businesses in Dubai don't pay direct taxes on corporate profits or personal income (aside from oil businesses that pay a set rate of 55% and branches of foreign banks that pay a set rate of 20% on net profit generated within Dubai). Customs duties are low at 4% with many exemptions. Companies can avail of 100% repatriation of capital and profits. You will find no foreign currency controls, trade quotas or barriers. A well balanced exchange rate exists between your US Dollar and the UAE Dirham (US$1. 00=AED 3. 678). Liberal visa policies permit easy import of expatriate labour of numerous skill levels from almost all over the world.

World Class Infrastructure
Dubai's policy of investing heavily in its transport, telecommunications, energy and industrial infrastructure has dramatically enhanced its attractiveness to international business.

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The Emirate has seven industrial areas, one business park and three highly successful specialised free zones, two first class seaports, a significant international airport and cargo village, today's highway network, state-of-the-art telecommunications, a recently launched Rapid Transit System (Dubai Metro) and reliable power and utilities, which deliver efficiency, flexibility, reliability and cost efficiency.

Competitive Cost Structure
Aside from a favourable tax environment, companies in Dubai can acquire significant cost advantages because of the absence of foreign currency controls and trade barriers or quotas.

Similarly costs in the areas like import duties, labour, energy and financing are competitive by international standards. Historically high property costs have withstood a correction and therefore are currently competitive.
Extensive Foreign Trade Network

Dubai boasts a comprehensive foreign trade network, giving the investors a comprehensive choice of potential worldwide marketing outlets for a diverse portfolio of goods and services. As a city within the UAE, Dubai can also be the main world's third-largest export and re-export centre, after Hong Kong and Singapore.

A Multi-Cultural Community of Skilled Professionals
Expatriates comprise over 80 percent of Dubai's populace, with over 150 nationalities working and living harmoniously in a safe, nearly entirely crime-free environment.

Dubai attracts an experienced workforce, that is absorbed by the growing quantity of international businesses, professional service firms and banking institutions. Expatriates enjoy tax-free salaries, schools accredited to international standards, a higher standard of healthcare and exceptional recreational facilities - including eight championship golf courses.

A Fertile Market For Specialist Financial Services
The asset boom and the vast upsurge in private and institutional wealth in the area have created an enormous demand for specialist financial services.

Dubai may be the perfect base to focus on opportunities in an industry that is hungry for new lending options tailored to regional investor preferences and risk requirements. International and regional players who establish themselves in Dubai now are perfectly placed to make use of the regional market's vast long-term possibility of financial services market growth.

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