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Planning Your Own Wedding - 7 Quick Tips to Help You Get Started Planning the Wedding of Your Dreams

One of the most common ways to reduce wedding planning stress is to hire a wedding planner.
Unfortunately, wedding planners are not always affordable and neither are some of the ideas they will have for your wedding.
This leaves most brides planning their own wedding.
In this article we are going to take a look at a few quick tips to help you get started planning your wedding in the right way.
Tip #1: Set A Realistic Budget We all hate budgeting, but it is necessary.
You don't want your marriage to start off in a big debt because of your wedding.
The two of you will need to come up with a final price tag that makes sense for your wedding.
For some couples it is $30 000 for others it is only $5000.
With a little creativity and work you can work within either of those budgets.
Tip #2: Select A Date And Time For The Wedding This will be one of the first things you will need to decide.
Make sure that you think this through.
A summer wedding will cost more then a winter wedding.
Can you afford to have your wedding in the summer? Will you save some money by having a wedding in the fall? You should also keep in mind the time of day you will be having the wedding.
A wedding that takes place in the mourning will be cheaper then one that takes place in the afternoon.
Tip #3: Decide On The Perfect Location To save money and to capture the mood you should consider alternative locations to the usual ones.
For example, you may be able to get married on the beach or even a local park.
Both of these options can be rather inexpensive.
Regardless, of where you choose to have your wedding make sure you book the venue early on in the planning process.
The best locations always seem to be booked months ahead of time.
Tip #4: Decide On The Number Of Guests It's a good idea to decide how many guests you want to attend your wedding very early in the planning process.
The number of guest will effect your budget and many of your catering decisions.
Even for a small 50 guests keeping them fed can get very pricey.
Tip #5: Decide On A Theme, Feel, And Look Coming up with a theme is easy for some and harder for others.
Sometimes your locations set the theme for you.
For example, if you have your wedding at the beach then the beach can be your theme.
For a more traditional wedding you may have to consider more about the look and feel of your wedding.
What colors do you want to make use of? How do you want to make use of flowers? How do you want to make use of lighting? Tip #6: Decide On Food The food you have for your guests is very important.
You don't want your guests living unsatisfied and hungry.
You have to decide if you want a multi-course meal or something more simple.
Tip #7: Decide On Entertainment Do you want a band? Would you prefer a DJ? Make sure that you book one sooner rather then later.
The good ones are always busy.

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