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Spending Your Treasure With Pleasure

When you receive the Seal you will bring forth out of your own treasury things new and old. You will learn the old sayings of Jesus and you will learn the new ways they are coming true in the world today.

When Jesus was teaching Parables to His disciples, He asked them if they understood the Parables. They answered that yes, they did understand them. And Jesus said therefore they had a mission and a message.

"Jesus said to them, 'Do you understand all these things?' They said to him, 'Yes, Lord.' And He said to them, 'By this every scribe learning of the Kingdom of Heaven is like a man who is a master of a house, bringing out of his treasury things new and old.'"

This simple statement is a Commission Jesus gave His disciples. And He gave this Commission to everyone in these generations of the last days who is sealed by receiving the Name of God in their forehead.

When you are sealed, God will write His Name upon your forehead. Then you will belong to God. And you need God's endorsement instead of just reassurance from other people that you belong to God.

Those other people don't necessarily speak for God. They don't necessarily know who God calls His own. But when you are sealed God will write His Name upon you. And you will belong to God according to God.

When you are sealed you will learn of Jesus. You will be like Jesus because you will take up your cross and follow Jesus to become sealed. You will prefer the teachings of Jesus to those of any other people.

When you learn of Jesus the time will come when you understand His sayings. He spoke in parables to exclude people. But when you are sealed and you learn of Jesus the days will come when you are included as one who understands Him.

And when you understand the sayings of Jesus you too will be like the master of a house with Treasures new and old. The old Treasures will be the sayings of Jesus from two thousand years ago.

The new Treasures will be what is happening today that Jesus predicted. You will harvest these Treasures when they grow and bear Fruit in the modern day. You will gather them into your own storehouse.

This is how you will have your own mission and your own message. God wants you to bring your own understanding to the world. He wants you to teach the world how the End is coming according to the sayings of Jesus.

Jesus predicted climate change and global warming. And it is happening now. It is the End of the world as you know it. It is the End of the progress of civilization. It is the End of everything people have achieved and built up for thousands of years.

The End of the world is a beginning for you. It is the beginning of your ministry to the world. And it is the beginning of your Life. When you are sealed you will belong to God. And as God's own you will have eternal Life.

Your Commission is to preach and teach how Jesus predicted the End of the world, and how the End is coming now. This is your Treasure, growing and bearing Fruit and renewing every day.

When you are sealed you will spend the Treasure of the old sayings Jesus and the new ways they are happening today. This is your Commission from God who you belong to when you receive the Seal.

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