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Why Do Some Guys Get Stuck Being the "Best Friend" While Others Walk Away With the Girl?

So has it happened to you? I know it can be one of the worst feelings on this planet but have you ever been through a situation where you did all the hard work and she ends up calling you her best friend? And before you know it she walks away with another guy? Well this happens and happens a lot of several guys out there who actually don't know what it takes to get women.
Read on to discover some of the most amazing things you can do to get women to like you instead of putting in their friends category and also discover the reasons why they do it...
Never open too much - This is the very first mistake most guys make.
They tend to become really close too early and tend to reveal everything about themselves.
You see this tends to end the mystery to your personality and they know everything about you before you even know it.
There is a reason why women like drama shows on TV.
You see they like suspense, mystery and drama and when you reveal too much these things are lose therefore make it a point not to reveal too much about yourself too early.
You are not a girl - Another mistake most guys make.
You see some guys start being around girls so much that they start doing things which girls normally do.
Girls prefer guys who are more manly and do their own thing not the one's who stick around all the time acting like door mats.
So make it a point to put some value on your personality.
Stop being available all the time - This takes place when a guy is not able to control his emotions.
There are several guys out there who are always available even if you call them at 3 AM in the morning.
You see once you become too easily available women feel that there is nothing much left in it.
So they start treating you like any other average guy.
You see the trick here is to not be available all the time and start acting too hard to get.

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