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Sulfur Acne Treatment

Sulfur is a kind of mineral that is found in volcanic craters and hot springs.
The smell of sulfur which is like a rotten egg is due to the sulfur dioxide gas coming out in the air.
The forms of sulfur can also be found in other products such as asparagus, kale wheat germ, Brussels sprouts, onions, and garlic.
Sulfur is one of the components in using black gunpowder, vulcanization of natural rubber and as a fungicide.
It is used in making sulfite paper and fruit bleacher.
In the world of cosmetics there is also what we call sulfur acne treatment.
Our body contains sulfur too.
It is more established in keratin which strengthens hair, skin and nails.
Sulfur in the body is useful in our body because it gives elasticity in the skin and provides youthful glow.
Because of its importance in enhancing the physical appearance, sulfur is considered as one of the beauty minerals.
In the past, Romans would soak their bodies in water containing sulfur to relieve pain and also to reduce the signs of aging.
Now, sulfur is used for treating various conditions such as folliculitis, eczema, psoriasis and acne.
Sulfur acne treatment is used when there is overproduction of oils leading to acne.
Sulfur as a keratolytic agent encourages the shredding of dead skin cells.
The sulfur acne treatment process decreases the symptoms of acne.
It is also believed that sulfur can stop the growth of bacteria when it reduces the production of acids that makes the growth of pimple rampant.
Sulfur acne treatment can be in the form of topical ointment or as soap.
The sulfur is usually combined with other ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to make the treatment more effective.
The other ingredients also have their own effect on treating the acne.
There is a possibility that a person can develop irritation if the treatment is not suited for them.
Generally, sulfur acne treatment needs no prescription because it is an over- the- counter product.
The noted side effect of sulfur products in treating acne is skin discoloration.
The person may also experience drying and peeling of skin, burning sensation, redness and irritation.
It is said that some sulfur products may increase the adhesion of cells which can worsen the case of acne.
If you want to try sulfur treatment for acne, consult your doctor first.
It is safe to know first if you have a history of allergies and in case you are given the go signal to use it, you will be observed in the whole period of treatment.
Sulfur treatment must not be used by people who have a kidney problem.
The wonderful things that you hear about sulfur treatment products are not enough to make you buy certain products.
Commercials are made for encouragement so the responsibility of choosing the right product will be up to you.
It is very important to know the advice of your dermatologist because he is the very person who knows what treatment could work best for you.

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