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Requirements of a Computer Operator

    Education and Related Experience

    • A computer operator must have a minimum of a high school diploma and an associate's degree in computer education. Also required is at least two years of training or working as a computer operator, or employment at a data center. The computer operator also must be familiar with computer operating systems and know how to solve errors, conduct computer recovery, operate computer system peripheral devices. An employed computer operator must keep all of his or her skills and knowledge up to date so that he can stay on track with new related technologies.

    Work Environment

    • Computer operators work around high levels of computer-generated noise, dust created by the use of computer equipment and paper and fumes from electronic equipment cleaning fluids. Work as a computer operator also requires daily exposure to video display terminals. The job may also require many hours of standing, walking and lifting equipment and paper (an estimated 30-50 pounds per day).


    • A computer operator must handle computers on a daily basis, reply to messages and handle user requests, deal with electronic computer equipment such as storage devices, printers, cards and tape readers. The computer operator also ensures smooth setup of computers and programs,makes sure all equipment is working safely and correctly, and enters data and media into input devices. In addition, an operator must keep track of supplies and equipment to keep computers and services running properly.

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