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Technology Makes a Better Life - Introduction of Top Eight New Technologies at MWC 2010

The Mobile World Congress 2010 (World 3GSM Congress) finally ended on Feb 18th, 2010 (local time at Barcelona). In the past five hectic days, the event welcomed 31 mobile phone manufacturers from all parts of the world and exhibited more than 90 pieces of new models which greatly dazzled visitors and attendees from 200 countries.

In this exciting world event, mobile phone manufacturers tried their best to bring us their best models. Of course, other service providers in the communication industry didn't want to be left behind and released a range of cutting edge technologies one after another. Today we will share with you the eight technologies that have gained the most attention at MWC 2010 [].

1. Sensors with Support for RAW Recording
With camera phones becoming a must have device for everyone, people's requirements for a camera phone is getting higher. Now 10MP camera has been a standard part of a camera phone. RAW, a recording format with support for SLR has been widely used by professional photographers. Even the portable DC comes with no support for RAW recording. Surprisingly, Omni Vision released a 1/4 inch, 5MP sensor with RAW recording capacity which would take camera phones to a new level.

2. SK Android SIM Card Made its Appearance at MWC 2010
SIM card sounds no strange to all of us, but the Android SIM card released by SK Telecom does have some extraordinary features. The release of this kind of SIM card means a simple change of SIM card may make a non-smart phone into a smart one. Just like that of a smart phone, the Android SIM card comes with support for image and music storage as well as USB 2.0 high speed transfer. For users who want to experience the amazing features of smartphones at a non-smart one, this kind of card is just what they want.

3. 64GB iNAND Flash Memory from SanDisk
At this year's MWC, the innovations in memory storage have given us a rough idea of the development trend in the communication industry. Considering the widely application of high-definition videos and the fast development of 3G network, storage capacity of mobile phone should also make the corresponding improvements. SanDisk took this chance and brought us their new generation of storage product - the 64GB iNAND flash memory which would meet all you storage needs.

4. 1.2GHz Dual-core/1080P Chip Released by ST-Ericsson
The powerful words "1.2GHz dual-core processor" reminds us of Lenovo PC. At MWC 2010, ST-Ericsson brought us not only a pleasant surprise in the number "1.2GHz", but also its innovations on high technology. The Snapdragon system was considered to be the most powerful configuration nowadays and no competitors could beat its 1GHz processor. However, the U8500 system released by ST-Ericsson came with an amazing 1.2GHz processor which pushed the hardware configuration of mobile phones to a new level.

5. Bada System Made its Appearance at MWC 2010 with Samsung Wave
Just as expected, the Bada system made its appearance at MWC 2010, but it still was a surprise hit to all of us. Actually, Bada system was released at the end of 2009 and there were no Bada mobile phones by then, so people had been wondering what a Bada mobile phone would be like. Samsung didn't let its fans down at this year MWC where it released Samsung Wave - the first mobile phone running on Bada system. Now mobile fans will have a live experience with this fantastic handset and explore more amazing features of Bada system.

6. Symbian 3 System - A very Promising Future
In 2009, the rising of Android system had put Nokia's Symbian system under great pressure, and the Nokia N900 which runs on Maemo 5 system was just an ephemeral popularity. At this year's MWC, Nokia released the long-waited Symbian 3 system. Although it was just a demonstration video, it gave Nokia fans a lot more to expect.

7. MeeGo System - Jointly Released by Intel and Nokia (seven)
We all know that Nokia will not abandon the Symbian system, but it doesn't mean Nokia will cease on innovation. At MWC 2010, Nokia invited another big name - Intel, to jointly release their cooperation product - MeeGo system. These two giants called MeeGo system as a combination of Moblin system from Intel and Maemo system from Nokia which will take the most advantage of optimized open method and reduce the complexity into the most possible level. To gain the best compatibility, Qt, a developing tool before the appearance of Symbian system is still available in this model. Therefore, any third party applications developed from it will realize the seamless operation among these operation systems including MeeGo, Symbian, Maemo and etc.

8. Window Phone 7 - Trigger the Highlight of MWC 2010 [] (eight)
Finally, Microsoft held its conference meeting at MWC 2010 and released the long, long-waited Windows Phone 7 which brought us innovative six elements: People, Pictures, Games, Music+Video, Marketplace and Office. These elements, together with high rendering scene, incorporated the future Windows Phone 7 of Microsoft.

Compared to the previous WM6.1 and WM6.5 systems, the latest Windows Phone 7 has huge pleasant changes which will bring you a whole new experience. The world's first Windows Phone 7 will be released this summer and will hit the market in the end of this year. Let's wait for the big day!

The 2010 Mobile World Congress was a great world communication event which pushed the communication industry to a new level. From the 5MP sensor with support for RAW recording, the Intel-Nokia MeeGo system, to the long-waited Windows Phone 7, this congress gave us a great many excitements. However, it still needs more efforts to apply these innovations into our daily life. In a word, technology makes a better life. Hopefully, these latest technologies and innovations will bring more funs and pleasure to your life.

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