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Business Party Planning Ideas

    Casino Night Party

    • A casino night party will allow you to get everyone together for a formal dinner but also some fun, too. Rent a few slot machines for the evening, and after the meal is served, allow the attendees to mingle with one another and also have access to the slot machines. This will be a great source of entertainment and will draw more people to the party than you might think. You might consider rounding out the party with a DJ who will play tunes and for those who want to dance.

    Host a Luau

    • A luau could be a lot of fun for your next business party. Instead of having the basic dinner and dancing, you could add a luau theme to it. Rent the ballroom but decorate it with tiki torches, palm trees and other luau-themed decorations found at your local party shop. Consider having an open or cash bar that serves drinks with little umbrellas, and have the ice breaker be a round or two of the limbo. If you really want to get into it, have attendees wear grass skirts and sunglasses. This is a fun way to bring people together that is not exactly conventional, but will get a better response than a drab dinner.

    Rent a Bowling Alley

    • Have your business partners and employees break out of the boring business meeting mold with you and take everyone bowling. Consider renting out a bowling alley for an evening and serving everyone their favorite drinks and fried food. Create teams and compete against one another. If you have it in the budget, consider getting corporate team bowling shirts made for everyone who will attend. This type of party will provide a great time for everyone.

    Host a Hollywood Party

    • Give your business partners and employees the star treatment by hosting a Hollywood party. This party could be held at your favorite restaurant or rental hall. Leading up to the entryway you can have a red carpet, which can be purchased at your party store, and then even have a star with each employees name written on it. You can buy gold metallic stars at your party supply store and simply write the name on it with permanent marker. Consider offering dancing and a nice meal to your guests, and present speakers in a very dramatic fashion like they would be introduced at an awards ceremony. Décor can be reels of film, popcorn buckets and standees of celebrities. Each attendee could go home with an award for his services.

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