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Elk Hunting in Kremmling, CO


    • Colorado's elk archery season runs from August 28 to September 26 in 2010. The 2010 muzzleloading rifle season runs from September 11 to September 19. Elk hunting with rifles is allowed in four separate seasons. For the year 2010, these seasons are October 16 through 20, October 23 through 31, November 6 through 14, and finally, November 17 through 21. These seasons are reset annually with slight variations.


    • Hunting can be done on private land with the permission of the owner or on outfitter-owned land. Colorado offers large tracts of public land for hunters. Kremmling is in the Upper Colorado River Special Recreation Management Area, which allows hunting. It is also surrounded by national forests. The Colorado Division of Wildlife suggests hunting in the Steamboat Springs area, which lies NW of Kremmling.


    • Elk Hunting Tips stresses the physical demands of elk hunting. Hunting elk in the Colorado wilderness requires endurance and patience to stalk, kill, and haul an elk. Also, Kremmling is at an elevation 7,364 ft, which adds to the physical strain.

    Outfitters and Guides

    • Elk Hunting Tips recommends that those new to elk hunting make use of experienced guides or outfitters your first time. Several elk hunting outfitters in Kremmling advertise online.

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