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What to Do If You Are Requested to Submit Additional Documents for Schengen Visa

Schengen visa application process can be confusing and complicated and even if your documents have been accepted by the visa application centre or consulate, sometimes it is too early to sigh in relief.
Sometimes, especially if you submitted your application at a visa centre rather than consulate, you may be asked to provide extra papers.
In this article we would like to talk about what to do if after your visa documents were accepted at the visa centre, you received a text saying that additional documents are required.
One of our clients submitted his application for Spanish Schengen visa and it was accepted.
After two days he received a text message from visa centre where the Schengen visa application was submitted.
The message read that additional documents were required, and therefore the application was not complete.
The applicant contacted our office and asked what he could do.
We advised him to contact the visa centre via phone and provided him with the number.
When you are calling the Schengen visa centre, make sure you have the receipt you were given at the visa centre as proof of payment for processing your application which includes Embassy fee and visa centre fee.
The receipt also contains the reference number which you need to quote in order to make any inquiries or track the status of your application online.
The client called the helpline, but did not fully understand what the problem with the documents was, so we advised him to drop an email to the visa centre, which he did.
It turned out that insurance policy details (which include repatriation clause and medical expenses) were missing in spite of the fact that he had brought them with him when he was submitting his visa application.
What happened was they told him it was not required, but later they contacted him and asked to bring that very document, which they did not take from him at first.
If something similar happens to you, do not panic.
You can bring additional documents with your receipt between 2 and 3 pm on a week day and after that your visa application will be resubmitted at the embassy.
Another thing worth knowing is that you do not need to book an appointment for this.
You can explain the situation to the security officer, show them either the text from the visa centre or receipt as proof that your documents for a Schengen visa had been submitted, and they will let you in.
Do not postpone this, make sure you still have at least 5 to 7 working days before your holiday starts.
We need to mention one more case regarding the status of your Schengen visa application.
If you track your visa application online and you see the message "application pending" under the status entry, this means that they tried to reach you but for some reason they did not manage to do it.
You would also need to contact the visa centre immediately if you track your visa application and you see this message.
If they are happy with the missing documents that you provided, your Schengen visa application will be resubmitted at the embassy, and you can expect your passport back in about 5 -7 days.

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