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Eddy Matzger Teaches the World to Skate

Eddy Matzger Started on Rollerblades:

He began inline skating in college in 1988 when a sample pair of Rollerblades were passed on to him.

He Has Over 100 Inline Race Wins:

Matzger's accomplishments include winning more than one hundred inline races, including various national championships and countless races in both North America and Europe.

Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Features Eddy:

He is known for inline skating in extreme locations like on bridge supports and over glass-roofed buildings.

Eddy has even been featured on the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not television show a few times.

Matzger Has Created Training Material:

Eddy has developed training articles and inline skating support materials for over a decade.

Skaters Around the World Know Eddy Matzger:

Eddy Matzger is one of the best-known inline skaters in the world. He grew up in San Francisco, California, and participated in a variety of high school sports, including cross-country, soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball and swimming. Matzger began inline skating in college in 1988 when a sample pair of the Olson Brother's Rollerblade inline skates were given to him. Eddy soon discovered speed skating and entered his first race in Holland during a family visit. A 67 year old Dutch skater out skated Eddy, and that race result may be the inspirational moment that motivated him to adopt speed training for life.

In addition to chasing cyclists, Eddy's early training included being coached by Dianne Holum, the multi-medalist at the Sapporo Olympic Games and Eric Heiden's coach.

He credits her with correcting his skating style by encouraging him to skate with his hips and take advantage of the forces of gravity instead of being totally dependent on internal forces and leg strength. She also taught him to keep his knees together, to allow a push with all of his weight behind each push.

Eddy's Inline Skating Accomplishments

Eddy Matzger is a world class athlete and internationally known inline skating coach. He has been winning inline racing events since 1988, and has provided inline skating workshops since 1995. If you are not already familiar with his roller sports and racing history, here is an overview of his accomplishments:
  • First person to climb Mount Kilimanjaro on inline skates
  • First person to climb the Great Pyramid at Giza on inline skates
  • Only person who inline skated through the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain
  • He is the inline skater who raced the cable car on Ripley's Believe It Or Not and won
  • He is also the inline skater who raced a camel on Ripley's Believe It Or Not and lost
  • Instructor for the Eddy Matzger Workshops, now called the SkateFarm and RoadShow
  • Six-time winner of the New York 100 K
  • Six-time winner of the Athens-to-Atlanta Road Skate
  • Winner of over 100 inline races, including national championships
  • In 2008 Luigino strengthened their outdoor racing team by adding Eddy Matzger

Eddy Matzger's Inline Skating Views

Eddy has shared his views by writing training articles and skating support materials for over a decade. An effort is being made to preserve and present his articles, concepts and teaching materials so that even more skaters can benefit from his knowledge of inline skating. His articles include detailed information about inline speed skating techniques, teaching methods, skating equipment, travel tips, inline race preparation and strategy as well as training and nutrition insights.

Eddy Matzger's Workshops

Eddy is always willing to help anyone of any age or any skating level in any country - if they really want to learn to skate better. In addition to the essential skating techniques such as stopping, turning, pacelines, body alignment and the double push, a typical Eddy Matzger Workshop will also include intense, participatory, interactive skating and a racing specific seminar. Few other skate instructors offer clinics that offer the personal attention and instruction levels of Matzger's various workshops.
  • Attending a SkateFarm Virginia workshop with Eddy Matzger can help get you ready for an event, teach you to skate on hills and burn more calories than you can imagine.
  • SkateFarm Thailand is the other training venue that Eddy operates during the winter and spring months.
  • Eddy sometimes takes his show on the road with a schedule of balance, form and technique training to other locations around the United States.

All you need for any of these sessions is to bring is your body, your skates and the intense desire to improve your inline skating technique. Eddy makes every effort to share the knowledge that helped him find inline racing success to improve your confidence and prepare your for any skating challenge.

Eddy Matzger is a knowledgeable and sharing coach and workshop leader who brings his skating workshops to inline skaters all over the world. His SkateFarm is located at 1438 Union School Road in Floyd, Virginia. If you are interested in reserving a spot in one of his workshops, send your inquiry to

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