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Viewing Tips When Searching for Flats to Rent

You might think that viewing potential flats to rent is only to find out whether you like the place, but there is a lot more to it.
Viewing flats to rentis your chance to establish whether you like the apartment, and to find out if it is safe, and that everything is in a working condition.
Start by taking a friend with.
An extra pair of eyes might find flaws that you would only have spotted after moving in.
Go a little bit earlier and have a look around before the agent arrives.
Even if you won't have access to the flat yet, you will be able to establish whether the general maintenance of the flat building is up to standard.
If you are viewing the property at a busy time of the day, you will also get an idea of the age of other tenants living there.
Keep an eye out for anything that might be broken or needs attention.
Is the agent struggling to unlock the door? And how secure is the front door? Is the entrance to the flat private? Don't be shy to ask your way around the flat.
Open taps to see that they work properly.
Open cupboards to ensure that you will have enough storing space.
If the current tenants are around, ask them where they are moving to and why they are moving out of the flat.
It is also a good idea to ask them what their water and electricity bill is, as they might be able to provide a more accurate figure than the agent.
Don't be afraid to take your camera along when viewing flats to rent.
And take pictures all you want.
You might just spot an ugly corner when you take another look at the pictures.
If at all possible, drive through the street at night and over a weekend before signing a lease agreement.
You need to feel safe driving home at night.
Also, it could be that it is a very busy street during peak traffic hour as people use the street as a short cut.

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