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Decorating With Wrought Iron The Preliminaries

Decorating a home is always a joy to do. As a homeowner, you can look at things this way: your house will be a blank canvass and you will be the artist. As the artist, you get to execute the designs that you want to achieve. You get to have your personality surface with your design concept, the play of colors and the materials that you would use. Whats best is that, since all the ideas will be coming from you, you do not really have to pay someone extra for just coming up a theme.

Are you a novice at this turf? Do not worry. There are a lot of self help kits that can help you go through your do it yourself interior decorating projects. In fact, we can even help you get started.

If you are someone who loves a very cozy home that is somewhat similar to the rustic French era, then this project is best for you as it will teach you how to play with the combination of several elements of like wood, wrought iron and it will mostly center on making use of warm and very homey colors that border along the shades of red, yellow, orange, purple and blue.

To make the project more manageable, we will also tackle one major room at a time.

Are you ready? We are pretty sure that you are. But before starting on anything, here are the preliminaries that you need to know.

1. The first thing that you have to do is come up with one specific design concept to work on. A concrete concept is necessary because it will not only make your furniture and accessory shopping easier but it will also maintain coherence in all parts of your home.

2. Next, think of your budget. How much will you be willing to shell out?

Here is one thing to keep in mind. Committing a financial suicide is an absolute no no especially considering the economy today. The last thing you want is to have a beautiful house but not have enough money to pay for mortgages. So before heading out to appliance or home accessory shops, come up with a list with the things you need to buy. Do not be swayed with the impulse to buy just about anything that catches your fancy.

3. In light of item number 2, you also have to be wise by choosing durable items that can help you save up money in the long run. If you do not mind using metal in your house, one good material to consider is wrought iron.

Wrought iron items are special not only because they are durable and sturdy but also because they come in almost any conceivable design that will be perfect for any theme you select.

For furniture options, you can have benches, iron trees, side and center tables, bar stools and even doors that are made of wrought iron.

In terms of accessories, you can have chandeliers, candle sconces and candelabras for your lighting options. Metal wall plaques, grilles, frames and wall art on the other hand are perfect accents that can be mounted on your walls.

As such, we will be using wrought iron pieces, like metal wall hangings and other functional accessories for this project.

4. Lastly, if you are someone who cannot handle power tools for drilling, make sure that you involve someone who can drill. This is important as you will be mounting a lot of heavy wrought iron pieces in your home.

Now that we have all the preliminaries settled, let us start with the first room the living area.

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