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Activities in Chad, Africa

    • Chad is home to many different ethnic groups.mosquee image by jerome scalvini from

      The Republic of Chad is a land-locked country in central Africa which borders the nations of Libya, Sudan, the Central African Republic, Cameroon, Nigeria and Niger. Visas are required for travel to Chad with travel visas between one week and three months usually easy to obtain. In addition, travel permits may be required for travel outside the capital of N'Djaména due to instability in the region. Travel warnings should be checked before visiting Chad.

    Zakouma National Park

    • Zakouma National Park is a national park in Chad with wildlife that includes elephants, monkeys. lions, giraffes, wildebeests and more. It is one of a few ecosystems in central Africa that has been able to preserve much of its wildlife populations. According to the Lonely Planet's website, the park is located 800 kilometers southeast of Chad's capital N'Djaména. The best months to visit the park are March and April when many animals flock to watering holes. The park sees heavy rains June through October, making trips to the park during this time of year difficult. Transport to the park is best arranged through a travel agency in N'Djaména. Tchad Evasion Travel Agency arranges trips to the parks with a four-wheel drive vehicle and driver. Petrol charges are additional. Lodging inside the park is found at Le Campement Hôtelier Tinga. The hotel also arranges guided safari tours through the park as well as horseback rides.

      Tchad Evasion Travel Agency

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      Le Campement Hôtelier Tinga

      Zakouma National Park

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    • The Ennedi Plateua of Chad is a part of the Sahara Desert and located in the northeastern section of Chad. According to the Natural Arch and Bridge Society, the Ennerdi contains many natural arches, few of which are documented. Attractions in the Ennedi include prehistoric cave paintings, desert canyons, a variety of rock formations and desert lakes. The Ennedi possess a wetlands area called the Guelta d'Archei situated near the town of Fada. One of the last known groups of the Nile crocodile in the Sahara inhabits the Guelta d'Archei. The city of Fada can be reached by plane from N'Djaména's airport. Tour information to the Ennedi Plateau can be found be through the Middle Africa Travel Agency.

      Middle Africa Travel Agency

      B.P 6215 Cite Cicam-Douala

      Republic of Cameroon


    • N'Djaména, located near the Cameroon border, is the largest city in Chad and houses the country's only international airport. The city has a historic area called the Old Quarter where a central market exists with bargain jewlery and rugs. Establishments with music and entertainment can be found throughout N'Djaména. There is a bridge over the Chari River into Cameroon which can be crossed from N'Djaména. According to Pure Travel's website, not too far away from N'Djaména is Lake Chad, one of the larger wetland areas in Africa. Lake Chad has many floating islands and abundant wildlife such as hippopotamus, crocodiles and migrating birds. Lake Chad boat tours can be arranged from travel agencies in N'Djaména.

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