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Choosing The Right Orchid Pots - An Important Decision

There are several factors to consider in successfully cultivating orchid plants.
And one of the most important decisions in growing vigorous and gorgeous orchids is the choice of orchid plant pot.
For the continued healthy growth of orchids a good plant pot is of utmost importance.
Choosing the right pot will definitely boost your orchid plants optimum growth and flowering productivity.
Basically the orchid pot to choose depends on the specific orchid type and its growing needs.
Different orchids have different flower pot requirements.
A good orchid plant pot, ideally, should take in account a provision for fast drainage, ample air circulation and allow adequate room for roots to develop.
There are three types of orchid pots that are commonly used namely, Terracotta pots, the basket pots and the plastic pots.
Terracotta/Ceramic/Clay Terracotta pots are ceramic orchid pots made of clay.
They are fairly heavy and durable which makes them popular for an outdoor environment.
Although clay orchid pots provide good stability for your growing orchids they are breakable and it is important to keep this in mind.
Esthetically these type of orchid pots look terrific.
Terracotta pots are porous and allow the roots to take in air freely thus aiding in the prevention of fungus development in the potting soil.
Most terracotta pots generally have one to five drainage holes that provide for air circulation and good drainage throughout the pot.
Ceramic orchid pots are excellent for growing different varieties of orchids in particular the epiphytic orchids that are highly prone to suffering in water-clogged environments.
Orchids like Dendrobiums and Phalaenopsis thrive extremely well in this type of pot.
Baskets Baskets are suitable for all sorts of orchids and are usually made of wire, mesh or wood.
They have numerous holes for good drainage and are perfect for heavy rooted and sprawling orchids.
Orchids like Cattleya, Gongora, Acineta and Stanhopea flourish really well in basket pots because they provide abundant air circulation and give better opportunity for more sun contact all round, including for the roots, necessary for orchids flowering and health.
Basket orchid pots are usually lightweight so make sure they are well supported or securely hung.
Also a proper careful watering routine should be implemented since basket pots tend to dry out quickly and moisture level must be monitored often.
Plastic One of the most commonly used orchid pots is the plastic variety due to inexpensiveness, durability and flexibility.
They also come in ample variations of sizes and colors that greatly help to optimize home interior d├ęcor.
Some plastic pots are even transparent which allows the orchid growers, especially handy for the novice, to detect possible root damage and pests effortlessly.
Plastic orchid pots preserve water longer than clay pots thus plants in plastic pots need less frequent watering, however there is a danger of rot if left too moist for too long.
Airflow is more restricted in plastic orchid pots.
Orchids are fabulous looking plants whether they are outdoors or indoors, mounted or potted.
Their attractive simplicity and exquisite beauty coupled with the look of fragility gives much pleasure and enjoyment in growing them.
And choosing a well-matched orchid pot is indeed very important to ensure continued healthful growth.
Fortunately, a large number of pots in variations of color, size, material and design are widely available and you will be able to find a suitable pot that will contribute to the successful cultivation and overall health performance of the orchids of your choice.

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