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Design and fashion: a continuous influences process from staircases to bags

Fashion and design are not on two different levels. Season by season they become more and more connected one to each other and in 2013 this connection seems to be closer than ever. If in the summer most of the furniture accessories took inspirations from fashion turning in a fluo color, in autumn it's woman's clothing that let geometrical patterns become the must-have of the season. Rounded as spiral staircases or golden and luxurious as mosaic these patterns enter our wardrobes and not simply decor it.

Fashion starts to take some strictness from design, playing with colors and shapes adding new lines to the femininity cut of the dresses. Design takes the bronze, the reds and the greens colors and play with they're shades to create unique pieces able to transform interior design elements as clothes able to express house owner personality.

Following this philosophy to express people's personality Fontanot, an Italian staircases producer, created a line of design spiral staircases based on fashion inspiration using colors, patterns and high quality schemes. Following the floral patterns seen also in latest fashion week in New York and Milan, the unique use of color of red and green, these staircases become elements able to dress up a location as well as recreating a more personal place able to describe house owner.

In the same way the introduction of the introduction of mosaic themes in the new barocco's mood proposed by Dolce and Gabbana is a way to add a touch of eternal beauty to products breaking the incessant process of deluxe that fashion brings. Thanks to design strict rules that answer to functionality and beauty and not only to trends help fashion products to bright as evergreen objects looking more as a furniture element to be used for their incredible functionality rather than for the look.

Just two examples of how design gets lighter and more personal thanks to the fashion influences and how fashion gets back an eternal life for its products make them live through a season.It's a blessed connection that gives a fresh look to both worlds creating unique masterpieces able to give a variety of items to people to express their personality in so many different way answering to their need to last in other people's mind. A game that involves people need to express their feelings in so many different and creative way even if they can't admit to be particularly creative. 

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