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How to Write an Effective Health Informational Brochure



Define your audience. The audience will impact the type of information included in the health brochure. For example, the health brochure's audience might be teenage girls who are pregnant or women over 40 who are pregnant. The issues you address about pregnancy will vary greatly among these two groups.

Write the primary information in the first one or two paragraphs of the health brochure. Most readers will at least look at these two paragraphs. Include the health issue you're discussing, such as teen pregnancy, and the major health concerns or matters that will be discussed in more detail later on in the brochure, such as premature births, abortion and adoption.

Include three to five additional sections of information in the health information brochure. Types of sections you can include will vary depending on the health issue being discussed and your audience. Some examples include cultural impact, treatments, causes, symptoms, benefits of certain behaviors, expert opinions and possible complications.

Add bulleted lists whenever possible. People are more likely to read through a list than a paragraph. For example, instead of listing the symptoms of glaucoma in a paragraph, add a list to your health information brochure.

Put contact information for your affiliated organization, company or physician in the brochure, as well as some place readers can go for more information, such as a website.

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