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Bar Fridge Specifications


    • Although the sizes of different bar fridges vary, this fridge was designed to be compact and small. Sizes will thus range from fridges with a capacity of 2 cubic feet to about 5 cubic feet. The majority of bar fridges are under-counter fridges. Bigger size models are mainly used in restaurants, clubs or commercial bars.

    Built-in Freezer Compartment

    • Many bar fridges feature a small built-in freezer compartment to store the ice with which to chill your drinks. Freezer spaces of bar fridges vary, but they are certainly not intended to be used as an ice machine for big parties. Because of this, some companies manufacture separate bar freezers. Some bar fridge models with the specific design purpose to store wine bottles or cans only come without a freezer compartment.


    • Bar fridges come in different designs when it comes to storage options to suit several special needs. Storage space in bar fridges can be divided to accommodate only cans or wine bottles or a combination of beverages (or food) in different sizes. Some models of bar fridges have compartments where the bottles can be stored upside-down to prevent the cork of the bottles from becoming dry, which will spoil the flavor of the drink. Some bar fridges have partitions to prevent bottles from banging against each other when you open or close the fridge. Wine bar fridges may have racks that keep the wine at the correct angle.

    Temperature Control

    • Most bar fridges include a switch that allows you to change the temperature of the fridge. Some wine fridges, however, take temperature control to the next level by featuring separate temperature zones for the different kinds of wines. With some you can even set the humidity at which the bottles are stored.

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