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A Tour of the Supermarket For Best Nutrition

The fitness outcomes we enjoy or try to avoid, are mostly attributable to our ability to choose the correct foods to eat.
Since we do a large amount of our food choosing in the supermarket and since supermarkets are all basically alike in how they are set up, let's take a tour.
My goal is to try to aid in our understanding of the importance of where we do most of our looking and buying in a supermarket.
Lucky For Those Of Us Who Are Trying To Eat Better, The Supermarket Makes It Easy There are two fairly obvious things about the layout of a major chain-type grocery store: There are more aisles containing processed packaged foods which are sold in a box, can, or bag, then there are things that are sold fresh such as vegetables, meats (in a butcher case or recently packaged, or dairy (although packaged, also nearly fresh in many instances).
The middle aisles are where you see the packaged or frozen foods.
There are normally around 5 to 10 of these aisles depending on the size of the store.
The outer aisles or "the ring" as I refer to it, is made up of your meats, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.
Focus your browsing and buying on "the ring".
The reason this is important has to do with three factors that when mastered, place us easily in an ideal weight zone with minimal effort.
Eating Predominately From The Outer Aisle Means Effortless Weight Loss and Control While there is a national push for more detailed food labeling, I think that the movement is just more wasted ink.
Figuring out what the deal is with fat, protein, sodium, calories, sugar and all that requires time and in many cases an advanced degree.
Eating correctly has to fit in with the reality of our busy lives, or we won't do it.
So the first factor for why we should eat more outer aisle foods is the simplicity.
You don't have a food label to de-code with oranges or cashews or chicken.
They just are.
The second factor is there are less ingredients in outer aisle foods.
the less ingredients you have, the less you need to be concerned about preservatives and additives which contribute greatly to our weight gain.
These processed sugars and heavy sodium-laced additives are often stored as fat by our confused dietary system which is expecting real and more natural food.
The third factor is speed.
If you are going shopping and you know precisely where to go for what you need to meet your nutritional requirements, you won't get distracted in the colorful packaging common in the middle aisles.

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