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Best Hemorrhoid Home Treatment For Fast and Permanent Relief of Terrible Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Hemorrhoids are not a pleasant thing to talk about but surprisingly, surveys have shown that more than half of the American population have experienced going through this episode at least once.
That makes it such an important topic no matter how unwilling people are to touch base on it.
Hemorrhoids occurs in two different places, inside and outside of the anus.
When the veins outside the anal canal swell up, they form into external hemorrhoids.
By nature, they are more uncomfortable than the other form of hemorrhoids.
But the good thing is, they are easier to handle and heal fast than internal hemorrhoids.
Internal hemorrhoids are much like that external ones except that they are less sensitive.
This is a good thing because when you have internal hemorrhoid, you probably won't feel a thing about it.
But there are some cases when internal hemorrhoids can get in the way of your bowel movement.
You will find it extremely painful to answer the call of nature.
This condition is highly associated with strained bowel movements, pregnancy, as well as constipation.
These are the most likely causes of hemorrhoids because they all involve apply too much pressure on the pelvic area of the body.
In rare cases, having a liver disease can also lead to hemorrhoids because of the increased tension in the anal veins.
The symptoms of hemorrhoids are highly recognizable - blood clots, itching, pain.
You won't have a hard time figuring out whether you have one, unless the hemorrhoid is an internal one.
In that case, you probably need some tests administered by a doctor to determine whether it is indeed a hemorrhoid or something else like a colon cancer.
There is a thing called prolapsed hemorrhoids wherein an internal occurrence extends into the outer areas of the anus, making it worse than the traditional hemorrhoid.
But sometimes you simply have to push it back to the rectum to solve the problem.
If this is not doable, you will need to consult a doctor.
There are various home-care remedies that you can apply to treat hemorrhoids.
A hot bath is necessary so that the infected region is gently cleaned.
A sitz bath is perfect because it allows you to sit on warm water and let it gently disinfect the veins.
Pour on a few drops of alcohol but not too much or it might be too painful for you.
Implementing some dietary changes is also necessary to aid with the healing process.
Eat more vegetables and fruits so that the texture of your stools would be easier to manage and always aim for minimum 8 glasses of water a day.
You can put on some creams that are manufactured to help cure hemorrhoids.

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