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How to Keep the Critters Out With Prevention Instead of Poison

You may want to use poison to keep the squirrels out of your attic, but prevention is the best way to keep them out long term.
An added bonus is that you won't have to worry about your kids or your pets getting in to the harmful bait.
Here are some tips to keep away the unwanted house guests.
REPAIR WEAR AND TEAR: Some of the exterior damage to your home, such as rotting window sills, sagging trim, and gaps between the roof and the shingles can be the types of places that animals get into your home.
Fix these areas before it gets cold outside.
At the very least, nail some hardware cloth over large gaps and stuff copper mesh or bronze wool into cracks in the foundation.
TRIM VEGETATION: When your foundation plants are overgrown it will provide a cover for rodents.
There should be a minimum of 18 inches between your house and any plants you have.
Also make sure that branches are cut back six feet from the roof so the little critters won't have a walkway to your house from the trees.
MINIMIZE ACCESS TO FOOD: Don't let your garbage can and yard be a free buffet for the neighborhood animals.
Keep the lid securely on the cans and try to wait until the day of trash pick up to discard any leftover food.
Rinse out the bottles and cans you put in the recycling bin.
If you have a pet like a dog or a cat that eats outside, it is best to take their dish in at night.
MAKE THEM UNCOMFORTABLE: When you do notice a few critters in the attic, drive them away with loud noises, like music or clanging pots, instead of setting out the poison.
And use a pepper based repellent near entry points before taking other steps to get rid of them.

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