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How Do I Make My Ex Come Back to Me & Get My Relationship Back? Here Are the Things to Know

Are you trying to find ways to grab the attention of your ex and make them come back to you? This can be tricky, and because men and women both have very different approaches to these situations, not everything works for everyone.
So, today we'll cover both aspects in hopes of reuniting you with your ex.
Ladies first.
Give him the attention he deserves Day to day life can get hectic and sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done, but you have to give your guy the time and attention he deserves.
If you can't make time for him, how will he know how important he is to you? If this has been a problem for you in the past, this could be one of the main reasons why it didn't work out in the first place.
Be more open to his likes and dislikes Find the things that he is interested in and be more open to them.
If he is into monster trucks, sit down and watch it with him.
Go to one of the live events.
The more you separate yourself from the things he likes, the more distant he will be from you.
So, stay open and try new things.
Let him feel like a man He needs to feel needed, as if you couldn't live without him.
Allow him to do simple things for you; open the pickle jar, fix things around the house, and work on your car.
Guys like to know that they make a difference in your life.
Hard to get, but not too hard Guys like a challenge, they like to feel that they have earned it at the end of the day, but playing TOO hard to get is the wrong way to go.
Make him work for it, make him suffer a little, but not so much that he gets discouraged and gives up.
Understand how far you can stretch it.
Okay guys, now it's your turn.
Respect her privacy You have to remember that you're not together anymore.
So you don't have the right to go through her cell phone or question her who she is talking to etc.
You have to respect that she has a life without you, and it's not going to stop because you're suddenly interested in making things work between each other.
Respect her privacy and it shows that not only are you confident, but you trust her too.
Give her room to breathe It would be your first instinct to spend as much time with her as you can.
To go places, do things, buy her things, call her on the phone all the time.
Women love the attention, but you also have to give her room to breathe.
Give her a chance to take in everything before you do something else.
Listen A woman will tell you what it is she needs.
If she knows you're interested in working things out, she'll tell you exactly what she needs to make that work.
So when she talks, listen.
You'll save yourself a lot of trouble by doing so.

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