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How To Clean Lovely Stuffed Animals

It is common to find stuffed animals toys such as stuffed teddy bear, stuffed dogs, stuffed cats and so on, meanwhile, lots of parents are likely to buy such stuffed animal toys for their children because of their lovely and cartoon design, along with soft hands touch feeling. However, if you want them have longer working life and always keep the beautiful appearance, you should pay more attention on their maintenance and cleaning.

How to clean stuffed animals?
If you are so busy on work and have no time to do such cleaning task, you can send them to the special toys maintenance store for cleaning. Nowadays, a lot of laundry have opened such business and the fee for one time cleaning is about 12 U.S. Dollar and 18 U.S. Dollar. As for the advantage of dry cleaning by laundry worker, the toys shape can be kept very well and after cleaning, it looks like the new bought one. However, if you always clean stuffed animals with this way and the total expenses would be more expensive, do you want to afford? If you want to save the money and clean by yourself, here are two ways you can take a try.

Firstly, cleaning for different layers. By this way, toys stuffing material such as cotton should be taken out and then clean the outside part and cotton separately. However, you should be careful about cutting off the suture part and take out all the cotton.

Secondly, cleaning the whole stuffed animal. It is the simple cleaning way and also considered as the lazy cleaning way. When taking such cleaning way, you just have to throw the dirty plush toys into washing machine or wash it by hands with soap.

No matter the first cleaning way or the whole cleaning way, it is better to dry in the shade rather than place it under strong sunlight after cleaning, otherwise toys outward appearance is likely to color faded under strong sunlight, which would be so ugly and their working life would be shortened.

If the stuffed animals eyes or nose is dropped, do you know how to repair it? In fact, it is a little troublesome because on the market there is no exact toys eyes or nose accessories and it is better to get help from toys manufacturer.

If you want the stuffed animals have longer working life, please not to throw its package away because you can use it to take dust proof.

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