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The Importance of Doctoral Robes

Once you have finished studying in a field for many years, have finally passed your exams, and are now fully qualified, there is a big graduation ceremony and this is where you need to wear your doctoral robes.
This is something that is tradition and very important in the world of academics.
It represents your acceptance into the faculty and shows everyone what you have achieved in terms of your degree type and the level.
Bachelor and Master degrees will offer the robe colors that are selected for that category, for example, a Science degree will have bright gold robes and hood.
Now, once you have reached your doctorate you will always wear a royal blue hood and this symbolizes the fact you have reached a high level in your studies.
To show what industry this is in, you can have the piping of the academic color that you are qualified in around the hood.
These colors are all set out and predetermined.
When you get your doctoral robes made, you should take the time to go for fittings and make sure that they are comfortable and look good.
They are usually made of velvet and are an important piece of attire that you will keep that you can show your children and your grandchildren.
At any academic functions you will be expected to wear your gown colors so the gown is something that you can always use again and again, depending on the field you are in.
With the robes and hood, you will also get to choose from different caps.
These are normally mortarboard hats with tassels and you are able to choose from 4, 6 or 8 corners.
You can also choose the kind of tassel you want.
This is traditionally worn on one side and then changed over when you receive your degree to symbolize your transition into a new level.

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