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Controlling Ejaculation is Super Easy When Using This 1 Simple "Turbocharged" Sex Position

When it comes to controlling ejaculation I like to focus some time on positions.
A lot of times guys will seek out the creams and sprays and pills but the bottom line is to figure out a cure for the long term and using the right positions is a crucial step.
Let's look at the best position I have found for lasting longer...
The Side-By-Side Position In this position you and your partner will lay on your sides and you will be directly behind her and you will enter her vagina from behind her.
It is important to raise her upper leg as high in the air as possible to start as to take some of the excessive pressure off the penis from the contracting vagina muscles.
The closer the legs are together, the harder she can contract.
The further they are apart, the less she can contract.
Once you get going you can lower the leg down and droop it over your leg.
This way your arm won't get so tired and you will still keep the legs separated.
When You Get Just Before The "Point Of No Return" When you get just before the point of no return, stop thrusting.
Now you get to use your mouth, tongue, and fingers to continue stimulating her while your rest your arousal and lower it.
Simply start kissing and licking her neck and ears and gradually move to her mouth.
At the same time you can be using your fingers to stimulate her breasts and her clitoris.
The entire time your penis is resting inside her.
Once your arousal has lowered, continue thrusting.
Repeat this as often as you see necessary.
Benefits Of This Position First of all it allows you to practice at lasting longer.
Secondly it continues to stimulate her even while you are resting.
Most women will allow you to take them through an orgasm with your finger stimulation alone.
Then you score big time when they go through a second orgasm from thrusting and third, it makes you look like a real superman in bed.
You took the time to really please her by controlling ejaculation and using the other tools from your toolbox.

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