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What Is the Genus Species of the Mulberry Tree?


    • Three species of mulberry trees are widely grown for fruit production or ornamental value: the white mulberry (Morus alba), black mulberry (Morus nigra) and the red mulberry (Morus rubra).


    • White mulberry produces insipid-tasting white fruits that later turn pink and finally red. Black mulberry's fruits are pleasantly sweet with a bit of acid, ripening dark purple when ripe. Red mulberry's fruits are the most delicious, being very sweet; the berries turn dark purple when ripe.

    Fun Fact

    • Foliage from mulberry trees is used to feed silkworms. No longer extant in the wild, silkworms have been bred for centuries to produce fibers to make silk fabric. This insect no longer matures to produce wings because of human genetic selection.

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