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What is WordPress? And Why is it the Best For Websites?

Basically it's the best script to use for your website, if you're asking why it's the best then the reasons would be: - WordPress is a free script, - You can find thousands of free themes, - You can add thousands of free useful plugins, - It's easy to install and use, - A great control panel that will make it very easy to control your website, - And many other features that you will find useful '' WordPress features With WordPress you will be able to manage and add new pages, articles, categorize in seconds, It's very secure and you can find new security updates in the control panel, visitors will be able to post comments on your articles, You will have the ability to add new post through a secure E-mail you choose, it's designed to be more easy for search engines to find you.
How to install WordPress As I said before it's a free script so you can download it from the main website where you can also find free themes and plugins http://www.
You will find in the website a guide on how to install WordPress and how to use it How to optimize your WordPress for search engines You won't find these tips in the main website so I will share them with you here - Make sure that you choose the best titles and the most relevant for your articles, It's very important to add tag's, Add a plugin called (All in one SEO pack) it great for SEO, Build a sitemap so search engines robots can index your website better.

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