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How Do I Stop Spam in WordPress?

    • 1). Select "Settings" and click on the "Discussion" panel in the WordPress dashboard. Click on the check box next to "An administrator must approve the comment." Also, click on the check box next to "Comment author must have a previously approved comment," located in the "Before a comment appears" section.

    • 2). Go to "Other comment settings" and look for the setting "Automatically close comments on articles older than 90 days." Click on the check box next to it to activate it.

    • 3). Scroll down to the "Comment Blacklist" section. Insert any words, phrases, Internet Protocol addresses, or websites in the text box that you want to ban as spam content. For example, a person who wants to ban spam containing links to erectile dysfunction medications may put the phrase "ED," "erectile dysfunction" or "sex pills" on this list.

    • 4). Click on the "General" panel under "Settings" in the WordPress dashboard. Scroll down to the "Membership" section. Select the check box next to "Users must be registered and logged in to comment."

    • 5). Go to the "Plugins" panel and click "activate" next to Akismet. WordPress will ask you to insert your API key to activate it. To get an API key, register on Akismet's website and check your email inbox for an email containing the key. Insert the key to activate it.

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