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I-Mate Mobile Phones Collection of Features

The i-mate phones are better known for their impressive technology that has given us some of the best business phones of the recent times.
With an impressive brand line 'for business, for pleasure, for life', i-mate has been competently dealing with its rivals and has made a significant place in the mobile phone market around the world.
It has been dealing with the windows mobile powered devices that were once the associate of the manufacturing unit of HTC and came in existence only in 2001 and it got better in 2006 when HTC decided to call off this partnership and so it came out with its own set of mobiles under its exclusive brand name.
There have been many high end models that have come from the i-mate mobile factory so far and they have managed to impress the customers as well.
These include pocket PC,smart phones, PPC phones, PDA enabled devices, JASJAM, JASJAR and so on.
Let us try to review some of these handsets in detail in order to know them better.
The mighty i-mate JASJAR is one of the premier handsets launched by the manufactures.
This is rather a pocket PC that opens to unravel a full fledged QWERTY keyboard for the purpose of easy typing.
This is a Microsoft Pocket PC that has been installed with Microsoft outlook.
This mini laptop phone has a full VGA resolution screen, 520MHz Intel processor and 128MB of Permanent Memory, built-in Computer Associates® eTrust Antivirus software*, Skype(TM) internet telephony software*and so much more to its credit.
Another interesting phone from the manufacturers is known as i-mate JAMin that is an advanced slider device which makes your business much easier than before.
This PDA device is also a windows based smart phone that comes with a camera, inbuilt Wi-Fi, expandable memory and so on.
Thus this is a great phone that keeps a tap of all of your business needs.
Thus i-mate mobile has not only been instrumental in giving some of th best business handsets of the recent times but it has also managed to impress the users and thereby making a mark in the realm of global mobile telephony!

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