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Mistakes People Make That Cause Them To Need Gutter Repair In Chicago

Gutters are hung off of the edge of a roof and are designed to catch water as it flows from the roof. The water is then guided through a series of troughs and eventually lead to a downspout, where the water is safely discarded away from the home. This prevents water from falling and puddles from forming against the siding and foundation of a home. Eventually, all gutters will need gutter repair in Chicago, or replacement, because they only have a limited lifespan. However, the majority of all Chicago gutter repairs are made because the owner made a mistake or didn't properly care for the gutter. Here are a list of mistakes that people commonly make that cause them to need gutter repair in Chicago.

Nailing Christmas Lights to the Gutter-

Believe it or not, the number one reason people need gutter repair in Chicago is because they nailed their Christmas or holiday lights to the gutter. They didn't want to nail it to the overhang or the gutter was convenient. They didn't think about the repercussions until they were removing the lights and noticed they created holes in each of the gutters. These holes will allow the water to fall out of the gutter where it shouldn't, instead of flowing where it should. The solution is to either fill the holes and sand them so water can flow, or replace the entire gutter system completely, which may be needed depending on the size or number of nail holes. Never leave the nails in place hoping to clog the holes, as this will cause rust, which is another problem that can hurt gutters.

Failing to Remove Debris From the Gutters-

Gutters should be cleaned at least once per year to remove the residue and debris that falls into the gutters, such as dirt, leaves and branches. Most people think that the gutters need to be cleaned because it can impede the flow of water, which is true. But they also need to be cleaned because they can weight a gutter down. Leaves and branches can absorb water, quickly making the contents in a gutter heavy. Gutters are often made of light-weight metals, such as aluminum, which can hold heavy amount of weight. If the gutter becomes too heavy, it can split along the seams or pull away from the overhang. They can fall to the ground and hit anyone standing underneath or do substantial damage to the siding that it has ripped away from. In addition to this, the gutters will also need to be rehung and sealed, so water can flow through the seams flawlessly again.

Failing to Clean and Coat a Gutter-

In addition to removing debris from a gutter, the gutters should also be cleaned with warm soapy water on a yearly basis and then coated every three to five years. Cleaning the gutter helps remove calcium build-up, iron buildup and mildew which can all grow on metals. If you fail to do this, mildew and rust can eat through the metal, leaving you with holes. Additionally, the gutters should be coated with a metal protectant every three to five years. The coating protects the metal from these items as well. However, over time, the coating wears down and needs to be reapplied to offer the maximum amount of protection to the gutter. If rust or mildew eat through metal, you will either need to fill smaller holes, sand away uneven patches to make them smooth or install a new gutter trough.

Not Inspecting Gutters-

You should do a walkthrough and inspect your gutters every six months. If you see the gutter pulling away from the homes, or the seams detaching from each other, you should call a gutter repair company to make repairs. If you fail to do this, the gutter will eventually reach the point of being unfixable and need to be replaced.

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