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Why Amateur Is Not Too Far From Professional

Amateurs are best-or so say the amateurs.
But then this is an argument that's easy to contradict - professionals are more likely to be paid now and have the likelihood of success in the future.
We all know the stereotype of the bad or coarse actor who can't do accents, can't remember their lines, falls into the scenery or else the audience and generally get booed off stage.
But what good point does being an amateur performer have? Of course both professionals and amateurs are answerable to the director, the amateurs may be able to experiment more without risking the finances of the company.
Some amateurs are trained, and may be more likely to take part in more events than the professionals, who understandably looks to find paying events, or if they are charity events, huge ones.
In short, the amateur can be more creative.
What do I mean by creative? It seems a good thing to be bound by a script, but what happens if you have a better line or one more fitting to your character? How can you alter your performance from the night before? The professional at a high level won't take risks and will only do films and plays which could win awards.
Okay, it's not as clean cut as that but there's always the thing of adding to a resume for a professional actor.
Usually the professional is not in front of a home crowd, which makes work harder.
Amateurs are at different levels, so it is hard to judge such a big group.
As with mainstream professionals there is training on the job.
Unlike many professionals an amateur may help out at box office, with lighting, sound, props or costumes.
An amateur may have a better idea about how their theaters tick.
With some talents, obtaining a professional status may be next to impossible.
For example ventriloquists, jugglers and magicians.
These are talents which there is just no demand for any more.
But that is not to say that the talent has gone down.
It only means the general public don't seem to want to pay to see them.
Okay professionals are big business, but that doesn't stop amateurs making an impression-what about the volunteers for the opening for the London 2012 Olympics.
Well yes there were marketed as volunteers rather than professionals but it amounts to the same thing.
It looks like those who think amateur is best will stay in the minority, but it was a good exploration while it lasted.

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