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Robert Pejman - Artwork Made Into Wall Decor Tapestries

The artwork of Robert Pejman continues to please the art connoisseur and wall tapestry investor.
Robert Pejman started painting at the young age of seven, when he and his family lived in Vienna.
In 1976, Robert Pejman and his family moved to the United States.
By the time Pejman was sixteen, he had won various awards in many group exhibitions.
However, Pejman did not pursue his education and career in art as a young adult.
Instead, Pejman entered the field of business management.
With his degree in business management, he worked at various software companies and came to be the Vice President of Marketing at Information Resources Incorporated.
Finally, in 1988, Pejman decided to open a gallery and return to the world of art.
Robert Pejman started painting again in 1991.
In 1991, he began studying with the renowned Russian artist, Anatoly Ivanov.
He furthered his studies for years after this, all the way up to 1999, creating real works of art along the way.
Robert Pejman has said that he does not add people to his paintings so that when you look at them, you can imagine yourself within the painted scene yourself.
He has also said that he makes his paintings as romantic as possible, even when the scenes are already romantic.
Italian Mediterranean scenes are popular for Pejman's paintings.
His paintings have received both national and international attention.
Many of Pejman's artwork is now also made into tapestries by a distinguished Flanders manufacturer.
Wall tapestries show this artist's work with intricate detail.
If you are interested in Robert Pejman artwork that has been made into tapestries, you will find that you have a large selection of his works to choose from.
For instance: Bellagio Village, Lakeside Vineyard, Capri, Lake Como Villa, Passage to San Marco, Verenna Reflections, Verenna Vista and Terrasse - Bellagio Memories are all Robert Pejman artwork that you can enjoy as tapestries.
These tapestries are as finely jacquard woven masterpieces of his artwork.
The internet is the best place to start shopping for wall tapestries that are reproductions of Pejman's exquisite paintings.
You will find these tapestries at varied prices, depending on the size and painting that the tapestry depicts.

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