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How to Become an Ameriplan Broker

    Becoming an Ameriplan Broker

    • 1). Get recruited by an Ameriplan broker. Do an Ameriplan business-opportunity search, and you'll find hundreds of Ameriplan brokers offering independent business owner opportunities. An existing Ameriplan broker can provide you with earnings information and tell you how to market Ameriplan as an independent business owner. Your Ameriplan recruiter can provide you with a paper application to fill out and fax, or she can direct you to a website where you can provide your information online.

    • 2). Complete the Ameriplan broker application. The application asks your name, telephone number, full address, and e-mail address. If you're online, the system will direct you to create a password of six letters or more.

    • 3). Indicate the broker package you want. The two options available to you are the basic and premier packages. The basic package will cost you an initial fee of $50, plus a monthly recurring $50 fee. The basic package provides you with four e-commerce websites, dental plan membership for your household, back-office access and additional training materials. The premier package costs $100, with a $100 monthly recurring fee. The premier package gives you everything the basic package does but also includes membership in the total health program for your household. The premier package provides you with access to the Ameriplan Tax and Money Matters Club and the SecureNet program.

    • 4). View the Ameriplan independent business owner's policy manual. This will help you get familiar with Ameriplan guidelines and policies. You'll be required to provide your Social Security number, date of birth and the names of household members.

    • 5). Enter your credit or debit card information into the system. If you don't have a credit or debit card, you can set up initial and recurring automatic clearinghouse payments from your bank account. After submitting your application, you should receive a welcome greeting, back-office access and other support tools within one or two business days.

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