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I Want to Work for Myself at Home - Can I Get Your Full Attention for 5 Minutes Please?

Hello and I am so happy you decided to give me 5 minutes of your valuable time.
You see, working from home would be sweet.
Wouldn't it? But, how realistic is it? You might land a job after you finish reading this article but your dream of working from home will still be there.
I'm on your side and just to let you know, your dreams will come true if you keep working at it! I am routing for you all the way.
Before then though, I would like to show you a realistic opportunity without taking too much more of your time.
Can I continue? OK great! Thank you!!: In this brief article, you are going to get some valuable information on making money online without breaking the bank and ultimately see your dreams come true.
I am talking about an inexpensive honest to goodness system that anyone can use in a matter of months to generate $100's of dollars even $1000's in a very short time.
I know you want to work for yourself at home that's why its important that you read the entire article.
I promise not to take up two much of your time.
Just give yourself three minutes and you'll be done guaranteed! Check this out friend: You don't need any special qualifications or skills! Qualification: None! - There are no required pre-requisite to get access to this system.
All you have to know how to do is read and follow simple instructions.
After you read what the instructions are, then you can decide to two one of two things.
One: You can walk away and say this opportunity is not for me or two take action! I believe you are the type of person that would opt for option number two.
If I'm right, I think we've just became friends! LOL When you take number two who knows where you will be in a few weeks or even months.
From what I've experience, people who tend to walk away never see their dreams come true.
But the ones who took action, continues to celebrate on from their success.
Cost: Less than a meal at TGI Fridays.
If you've never eaten their that's ok.
The food is good though and if you have some time you should go and have a meal with friends or family.
It's true you can get going with very little start up cost.
I know it is kind of hard to believe but it's true.
The Internet has made a lot of people very rich and the next one could possible be you.
Take a look at the found of Facebook.
The guy is just 26 years old and he donated 100 million dollars towards education in Newark NJ.
He made 9 billion last year and only God knows how much he's going to make this year.
Check this out: How much do you think Mark Zuckerberg spend to start Facebook? I am almost positive very little.
Anyway, enough about Mark Zuckerberg, and others.
I want to talk about you for one last second.
If you still want to work at home for yourself and you are willing to dedicate about three to four hours a day consider this for a minuet.

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