Travel & Places Passport Requirements

Information About Criminal Convictions on a Passport

    The U.S. Passport

    • The U.S. passport application doesn't ask any questions regarding criminal history. Applicants with a criminal history must meet all the criteria everyone else has to--they must be a U.S. citizen able to establish identity with the prescribed documents and pay the applicable fees.

    U.S. Restrictions on Travel

    • Anyone on probation or parole clearly cannot travel internationally. However, an individual who has served his debt to society is not prohibited from travel by the U.S. government. Other countries are a different matter.

    Other Countries

    • Some countries will not issue a visa to an individual with a criminal record under any circumstances. Others stipulate what convictions are acceptable or make stipulations regarding the amount of time that has lapsed since the sentence was served.

    For Other Information

    • The best way to determine a country's policy is to contact the nation's consulate or embassy. The U.S. State Department has information regarding the embassy of every country. When making inquiries, there is no need to convey any personal information.


    • It is important to be truthful concerning a criminal record. Fingerprinting is common when entering and exiting countries.

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