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Visit a Wonder of the Modern World on a Cruise to the Panama Canal

A cruise vacation offers you the chance to see the kinds of places you have only read about in books or seen in National Geographic.
One such place you can now visit on a cruise is the Canal de Panama, which is the native Spanish name for what is more popularly known as the Panama Canal.
It is quite possibly the most famous canal in all the world, and it lies in an area rich in a history that goes back to the earliest colonists of Central America.
Royal Caribbean Cruises to the Panama Canal is now offering a vacation in which you get to inspect the Canal first-hand as you sail through the one of the wonders of the modern world.
Engineers had long considered the narrow isthmus of land bridging the North and South American continents a perfect location for building an international waterway for ships, thus saving them from having to make the long journey around South America.
A shipping canal in that region would cut down the length of voyages considerably.
But it was not until 1904 that engineering technology became advanced enough to make the project feasible.
That was when the United States took over the construction of the canal from the French, who had begun building it in 1880 with the backing of the viscount Ferdinand de Lesseps, but had abandoned it as a result of too many worker deaths.
The United States finally opened the Panama Canal on August 15, 1914.
Today this marvel of human engineering remains vital to global shipping, and currently over 200 million tons of shipments pass through it every year.
In addition to the canal experience, Royal Caribbean Cruises to the Panama Canal will take you to additional destinations around Central America.
One of these is the coastal city of Acapulco in Mexico.
There, you will get a chance to see the famous La Quebrada cliff divers whose dangerous and impressive jumps into shallow water have become a tourist attraction.
Acapulco also has many other attractions as a popular holiday resort for travelers.
Another place you will visit is Costa Rica, where you may enjoy the excitement of a raft trip.
And then you will have the unparalleled opportunity to swim with stingrays when you visit George Town's Stingray City in the Cayman Islands.
An excursion to Stingray City is one of the most popular shore visits in Central America.
Stingray City is a short boat ride from the north end of Grand Cayman.
It is an area of water where stingrays began to congregate naturally because of the fisherman who tossed leftovers in the waters.
Over time the stingrays in this particular area became quite tame, and people began deliberately feeding them and joining them in the water.
Today you can swim with the stingrays and even feed them by hand.
Also in the Cayman Islands is Cheeseburger Reef, an underwater sanctuary that you can view from an undersea submersible.

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