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How Home Paint Colors Influence Our Moods

How can you turn a drab, boring house into a colorful, vibrant abode that you look forward to coming back to each day? The answer lies in the simple routine of just painting your walls.
The colors of your interior painting have a profound effect on mood, attitude, and thought patterns.
This is because the colors that surround us have a direct psychological impact on our moods.
Paint is one of the least expensive interior decorating techniques to bring a room to life.
Some interior paint colors provide a soothing effect, while others give a sense of energy.
Some colors have a cooling effect, while others have a warming effect.
Colors that provide a soothing effect include soft colors such as blues, violets, and greens.
They give the impression that the room is very airy and large.
Reds, oranges and yellows are all brighter colors that provide a warming effect.
It creates an atmosphere of vibrant energy and positivity.
Earth tone such as beiges browns and grays create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.
Listed below are some of the popular room colors and the moods they create: White - provides a peaceful and calm mood to a room.
In order to eliminate the hospital-like, sterile feeling that white invokes, it is advisable to decorate sidings and wall edges with brighter shades like red and blue.
White is ideally suited for bedrooms and bathrooms.
White can be utilized creatively with other colors, especially dark reds, blues and greens to lighten the otherwise overpowering effect of these colors.
White is the color to go for if you wish to create a spartan, open, minimalistic look.
Black - is associated with negativity and darkness but can be a bold choice as an interior paint.
It gives a stylish look to a room.
To balance the boldness of this color, use light colored furniture.
Black as a paint color should be employed with care and should only be used in small doses Yellow - creates a sunshiny, bright and cheerful feeling.
Shades of yellow such as lemon sorbet, pale yellow and sunshine yellow are popular interior paint colors.
Yellow creates a good mood for a playroom or home work space.
Yellows work great in dark rooms that seem to need a splash of sunlight.
But it is not very easy on the eye and the right shade of yellow has to be opted for.
Blue - creates a soothing mood in a room.
It's one of the most relaxing of all colors, very easy and cool on the eyes, making it a good choice for the master bedroom and bathroom.
Greens and lavenders are also good choices for bedrooms.
Brown - typifies the color of the earth; it can be rich yet subtle and restful to look upon.
Browns are known to be grounding and help make us feel safe, creating a feeling of stability, and a connection with the earth.
Green - is said to be the color of concentration and is one of the best colors to be surrounded by for long periods of time.
Green has a calming effect in the right shade; it is suitable for virtually any room, is most easy on the eye and has a calming effect.
Pink creates a dreamy, tranquil mood and is preferred in girl's rooms.
Red should be used sparingly since it's an extreme color.
Orange is said to stimulate the appetite, which is why many fast food logos are orange.
Take stock of your home and its color schemes.
Refreshing your home with a new color scheme is a good investment not only for your home but also for your personal happiness.

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