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How to Build a Dog House Door Flapper

    • 1). Measure the belly height of your dog, so the belly doesn’t bump against the bottom ledge of the dog door. The opening should also be slightly larger than the flap so it fits. However, if you’re using a plastic sheet, you will want the top part of the flap to be longer than the doghouse opening so you can fold the flap over and have a place where you can screw the flap to the top of the opening.

    • 2). Cut a hole into the doghouse near the ground. Make sure the diameter of the hole is large enough for the dog to get in and out. However, have the bottom part of the hole raised so some smaller animals have a harder time getting into the doghouse.

    • 3). Get material that is light enough for your dog to push. Rubber and plastic are usually light enough for most dogs. Make sure the material is stiff enough to remain partially closed, so the dog is protected from the elements, but not so stiff that it does not bend easily, or the dog will have a difficult time getting through the opening.

    • 4). Test the flapper to make sure the pet can get out of the doghouse, so the pet is not trapped when it gets too hot or it needs to go to the bathroom.

    • 5). Place a thermometer in the doghouse to make sure the temperature does not get too hot. The temperature should not exceed 100 degrees. Older dogs, snub-nosed dogs and overweight dogs have a harder time handling hot weather. Bring the dog inside, where there is air conditioning, when it gets too hot for the dog.

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