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How to Read PDB Database Files on a PC

    • 1). Click on the Windows "Start" button.

    • 2). Click "All Programs," then "Accessories."

    • 3). Click on the icon labeled "Notepad." The Windows Notepad application opens in a new window.

    • 4). Click the "File" menu, and select "Open."

    • 5). Click on the drop-down box labeled "Text Documents (.txt)," just to the right of the blank "File Name" field.

    • 6). Select "All Programs" from the drop-down box.

    • 7). Browse your computer's files and folders, navigating to the PDB file.

    • 8). Double-click on this file to open it in Notepad. In most cases, the PDB file's contents appear on your screen. If the file is completely blank, then it cannot be viewed in a text reader, and you'll need to transfer the file to a Palm Pilot instead.

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