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Video: How to Remove Sponge Curlers Without Frizz

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Niza, and this is how to remove sponge curlers without frizz. So, oftentimes it¡¯s the way we wrap our hair around the sponge curler that results in frizz. Today, I¡¯m going to show you how to avoid that. So, take a couple drops of an oil treatment ¨C I prefer the Moroccan treatment. I take a couple drops, I saturate my hair with it from end to the top. And then, I section my hair between an inch and a half and two inches with a fine-tooth comb. And then, once I have my hair divided up in sections, I go ahead and start from the bottom of the hair, working my way up to the top. Go ahead and dry your hair, whether you dry it naturally, air dry, or under a hot dryer. And then, when you remove the roller, unclasp it and walk it downward. If you do it by just pulling it outwards towards you, that will also contribute to frizz.

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