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How to Make Limited Edition Digital Art

    • 1). Create a digital piece of artwork in a digital illustration program such as Adobe Illustrator. Use the program's pens and paint brushes and a digital tablet to draw a digital scene. Say you want to make a limited edition print of your dog in an Andy Warhol style. Draw a sketch of your dog. Fill in the dog with a bright color. Add a glow effect to the lines that define the dog. Fill in the background color of the picture with a contrasting color. This is now a digital piece of artwork.

    • 2). Create a watermark. Each program is slightly different. Go to the menu and select add a watermark, or something worded similarly. Illustration programs are relatively intuitive. They also have help menus if you are not familiar with the one that you are using. Fill in details of the watermark in the box that opens. Say Warhol Dog, Limited Edition, 1 of 5. Accept the settings and close the box. Save the file. Create four other files for each of the 5 images in the limited edition series of Warhol Dog digital art that you created.

    • 3). Add the file to a media card that is compatible with the digital photo frame that you have selected. Insert the card into the frame. Turn the frame on and the limited edition artwork is ready for display.

    • 4). Label the back of the frame as you would a traditional piece of art with the title and number in the limited edition series. The watermark on the file can be verified by the collector by removing the card and looking at the file on a computer.

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