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How to Install Roof Gutter Guards

    • 1). Clean any leaves, sticks or other debris out of your gutters. Grasp any dented areas of your gutter's lip with pliers and bend them back so that the lip is as straight as possible.

    • 2). Lift the edge of the shingles at one end of the roof gently and slide the first gutter guard underneath until the front edge of the gutter guard rests on the lip of the gutter.

    • 3). Place a second piece of gutter guard next to the first, sliding it in the underneath the shingles as in Step 2. Overlap each piece of gutter guard according to the manufacturer's directions--normally between 1 centimeter and 3 inches.

    • 4). Trim off any overhanging mesh at the edge of the roof with tin snips, if recommended by the manufacturer. Any mesh that keeps the gutter guard from sitting flat on top of the gutter is generally considered excess and should be trimmed.

    • 5). Secure the gutter guards to the gutter according to the manufacturer's instructions. Some guards have predrilled holes and come with supplied screws. For this type, insert screws through the predrilled holes and secure them to the roof by using a drill or screwdriver. Other guards are based on a clip design, where a clip is twisted over the overlapping sections of gutter guard from the bottom up. To install this variety, place a screwdriver through the hole on the front of the clip. Use the screwdriver to pull the clip forward and hook it onto the lip of the gutter.

    • 6). Install guards along the entire length of the gutter until you reach the end of the roof. When you cannot place another full-length gutter guard without it hanging over the edge of the roof, measure the distance from the edge of the last guard to the end of the gutter. Transfer this measurement to a piece of gutter guard. Use a level as a straightedge to draw a line across the guard. Cut the guard at the line with tin snips and install the cut guard onto the gutter.

    • 7). Cut the gutter guard at an angle when you reach an outside corner, following the corner of the roof, most likely a 45-degree angle. Install this piece on the gutter. Place a second gutter guard piece on the gutter around the corner. Cut this piece at an angle following the corner of the roof. Install this piece onto the gutter so that the cut edge meets the cut edge on the other side of the corner.

    • 8). Install gutter guards on inside corners by placing the final gutter guard under the shingles running along the length of the gutter and under the shingles in the corner of the gutter. Cut some of the width off another piece of gutter guard so you can fold the mesh down, into the gutter. Abut the folded gutter guard up against the front edge of the previously installed gutter guard and secure both in place.

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