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Why Do Women Have Yeast Infections? Read These Facts and You Will Know

A yeast infection is a fungus called Candida Albicans which is found in the warm moist parts of the body especially in the vagina.
When factors contribute to the overgrowth of this fungus in the body then this fungus becomes a yeast infection.
Here are some other common causes associated with it: o A person can develop a yeast infection through the use of tight fitting clothing that traps moisture in the skin and cause a build up of heat that causes irritation.
This encourages Candida Albicans to grow o The Candida is more likely to be developed in menopausal women based on the declining estrogen level in the walls of the vagina o Stress is also a contributing source of candida.
If you are not relaxed and are constantly stressed and over worked then this causes the yeast to develop more and makes the body even more irritable.
o Not practicing personal hygiene can also lead to yeast infection o Pregnancy, diabetes, steroids and the use of oral contraceptives is also a contributor.
o Not eating healthy foods is also a contributing factor, so it is always good to develop a good eating habit to help combat the build up of the infection.
o Using too much scented hygiene products causes a build up in the vagina thus leading to infections These are just a few factors that contribute to the build up of Yeast within the body.
Pay close attention to the above and you will be able to avoid contracting an Infection.
Now pay close attention here!!

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