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Different Type of Skin Treatments

Caring of skin shows your health consciousness.
As we all know that the skin is divided in to three type 1) oily skin 2)dry skin 3) normal skin as the skin is divided then its treatments are also divided because someone believe in home treatment, someone like Herbal treatment, or Laser treatment and many more so let get some know leg about all this treatment.
Natural skin care treatment from your kitchen:In natural skin care treatment you can use the things of kitchen.
Before taking skin treatment the first thing to know is the type of skin we have.
Because the different skin has different treatments.
In our body we fist care of our face because it is a first thing note in a person.
Drink a lot of water a day it make your skin fresh all time, and also make your digestion fit.
A bad digestion also cases skin problem.
Do exercise regularly, it glow your skin.
Cleansing of body is also important regularly.
It is necessary to wash the face three times in a day with herbs.
Lemon with milk acts as a good cleanser for skin.
Egg protector is used for smooth skin and glow.
Radish is also used for skin care.
Mix radish with 3 spoon of vinegar, two spoon of lemon juice and a spoon of honey mix it well and then apply on your skin.
You skin looks fresh and clear.
Having a healthy digit is also useful for skin.
Herbal Skin Care: The safe way to care skin is herbal skin care.
The people are now a day's preparing herbal products, because they do not adverse effect on body.
In herbal product we use herb and shurb the herbal product are more effective and not costly as compare to allopathic product.
Indians mostly prefer ayurved herbal products.
There are so much herbal products available in market like face pack, hair care, facial and many more.
Some of homemade herbal products are like a mixture of curd with lemon is good for acne care.
Honey with cucumber is use to avoid sunburn.
Turmeric and saffron is good for skin black spot and whitening care.
The herbal skin care results glowing and younger look, and do not give side effect.
Now a day's doctor also as suggest the use of herbal product.
It is also good for the people having a sensitive skin.
Laser Skin Care: This is a time of fast life.
Now a day's technologies are grown up, and people are be live in fast treatment so they use laser treatment.
Now a day it is demanding in laser in many skin problems such as permanent hair removal, skin pigmentation, wrinkles, hair transplantation, skin firming, acne and many more.
As we all know that hair treatment is so expensive but it give a best result, This is permanent for a long period.
No one on the earth is perfect every one want some change in them, such as in as nose, lips, ears etc and only laser made all this change possible.
After the surgery person can't go out for two month.
The person does not go in direct contact of sun light.
Only special doctors can do this treatment.
Now a day there is a trend of permanent tattoos.
In which laser treatment is used.
Laser is success in urban areas.

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