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Edwardian Diamond Rings - A Brief History

Edwardian engagement rings are famous for its intricate designs and delicate patterns that every bride will certainly love to have.
These rings were made from the finest materials and carefully handcrafted to produce high quality engagement rings.
The Edwardian era was a period of lavishness in terms of fashion and jewelry.
It is during the time in power of King Edward VII, from 1901 to 1910.
Though this epoch lasted for only a decade, the designs were continuously utilize until around 1920.
During this time, jewelers used platinum and diamonds to craft an engagement ring with intricate designs and filigree patterns that resemble an airy design that's very romantic.
They incorporate contoured circles and arches to the filigree patterns to add texture to the design.
Romantic symbols such as flowers, leaves, doves, hearts, and vines were used to highlight the filigree patterns.
They also use multiple stones which are smaller than the center stone to accentuate it; this is called the pave settings, which is very popular in this era.
The usual ring styles found in this era are very unique and stunningly gorgeous.
Though they've only used simple ring settings such as prongs and bezel, they accentuate the rings completely from the side to the crown and to the band itself.
The fact that they've only used common cuts of stones like round, cushion, and emerald cut but what makes it stunningly beautiful is the surrounding designs and the workmanship placed on the ring.
All through this period, diamonds are the most common stone you'll see in engagement rings.
The use of semi-precious gemstones as the focal stone are only limited; still, there are few Edwardian rings which have gemstones as its center stone but very rare.
Platinum, white gold, and silver are the famous metals used during this period; you can hardly find a yellow gold Edwardian engagement ring if you're looking forward to finding one.
If finding a bridal set made from Edwardian era is one of the wedding ideas you have in mind, then you must think twice.
Each Edwardian engagement ring was delicately handcrafted to make a unique ring that is made to be worn individually, adding another piece of jewelry next to it will diminish the exquisiteness of its elaborate designs.
Today, antique Edwardian engagement rings are not common to be seen in a jewelry store.
They are most likely to be seen on estate sale or auction.
Usually, a piece of it would cost you several thousands of dollars; ranging from $6,000 up to $12,000.
And if you're budget can't afford to buy an expensive antique Edwardian engagement ring, you can settle for the modern ones.
They are replicas of the vintage and they are less expensive but they offer the same beauty and elegance.
You can buy those pieces through online shopping or you can visit your favorite jewelry boutique.

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